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Friday, 25 January 2013

Jan 26 - “HOLY GROUND”

The place that God appointed for Noah to rest with the ark was the mountains of Ararat. ‘Ararat’ means, ‘holy ground’. Till he came to the ‘holy ground’, he was wandering aimlessly. True, till we are grounded in holy living we too will be wandering in our Christian life without any purpose or rest in soul.

As far as Noah was concerned, the flood waters were intended to bring him to the ‘holy ground’, Mount Ararat. So also, our tribulations are meant to help us reach the holy mount, Zion.

The ark apparently had no steering; no human effort brought it to the mountain. It is not our greatness or cleverness that can help us live a holy life and reach the holy mount, but the grace of God – provided we abide in Him, as Noah did in the ark.

After reaching the “holy ground” Noah was made the ruler of the whole earth. God brought both Moses and Joshua to “holy ground” before they were made great leaders, before they did great things for God. The amazing thing is that Moses and Joshua were not conscious of the holy ground they were standing on till God told them. Alas, many so-called leaders in the spiritual world think they are living a holy life while their life doesn’t certify so.

When the ark rested on the holy ground the tops of the mountains were seen (Gen 8:5). Seeing the mountain-tops points to our insight into the highest spiritual revelations and experiences – which can be acquired only if we learn to rest in the holiness of God.

When the waters of judgment came down, Noah went up; and after that he came down to have dominion over all the earth. Similarly, when the judgment comes the saints will go up to the mid-sky, and after the seven years of tribulation they will come to the earth to rule with Christ for a thousand years.

The Lord is calling His saints to abide in Him and reach the “holy ground” so that they may escape the judgment and rule the world with Him.

– Taken from Morning Manna – Thoughts for Daily Devotion

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