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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

An Evening Digest - God's Plan For Your Job

An Evening Digest - God's Plan For Your Job_by Mugendi Elizaphan

        Jesus told His disciples in Matthew 10 and verse 10 that a worker is worthy his dues. Your labor should never be for nothing. God wants you to enjoy the fruit of your labor. When He blesses you with a job, he expects you to enjoy maximum benefits from it. It should be a source of livelihood and fulfillment and never a burden and frustrations.

       The story of Jacob and his uncle Laban in Genesis chapters 29 to 31 should inspire you to pursue the fulfillment of God's plan in your job. You should always get a salary commensurate with your work. Never allow oppression because it is not the will of God for you. When you negotiate with your employer, it should always be clear what your responsibilities are and the amount of pay.

       While at your job, God expects you to perform excellently, keeping time and set deadlines. You should be reliable and predictable. This is one of the ways to accumulate confidence to demand what is rightfully yours. God desires that you be counted as one of the faithful employees at your place of work. Both your employer and colleagues should testify of your honesty and diligence at work.

      Your employer and colleagues on the other hand should accord you sufficient respect and support so as to perform well. God's will is that you get paid your salary and other benefits in full and on time. His plan is that you progress in your job to get promotions and salary increment accordingly. Your working environment should be friendly, peaceful and ideal for the nature for your duties and responsibilities.

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