Dear Readers in Christ, "Draw near to GOD, and He will draw near to you" (James 4:8).

Saturday, 12 October 2013


“Uzziah was wroth, and had a censer in his hand to burn incense: and while he was wroth with the priests, the leprosy even rose up in his forehead before the priests, in the house of the Lord, from beside the incense altar” (II Chron 26:19).

In verse 18 we read that King Uzziah’s heart was lifted up (with pride) and he went into the temple to burn incense – which was the duty of the priests and not of the king. Azariah the priest, and the other priests withstood him and said unto him, “It appertaineth not unto thee, Uzziah, to burn incense unto the Lord.” This was the cause for Uzziah’s wrath on the priest – which made him a leper.

Once a person named Zachariah came to meet a servant of God to discuss some domestic problems, and during the conversation, he got very angry with the servant of God. Immediately he had an attack of paralysis. He never recovered from the paralysis; he died a most pathetic death.

Dear reader, have you given room for pride and interfered in the duty or responsibility of any servant of God? Are you guilty of having reacted angrily at any time to the counsel or reproof of the leaders? If God has not stricken you with spiritual (and maybe even physical) leprosy, realize that it is purely the mercies of God and that you have been given an extended period of time to repent.

You may be a person of great importance but that doesn’t give you the licence to go out of bounds. O King Uzziah, repent of your wrath!
– Taken from Morning Manna – Thoughts for Daily Devotion

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