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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Jan 09 - STAND UP!

“Keep thyself pure” (I Tim 5:22).

A deeply committed Christian girl who was very bright in her studies faced a problem. Of the many books she had to study in her degree course there was a particular book which, she knew, contained defiling matter. As she had kept her life pure all along, this was a challenge to her. She had to choose between not reading the book and failing in the examination, and reading it and securing a pass. She prayed about the matter and decided it would be better to fail in the examination than get her mind defiled.

        In the examination paper substantial marks were reserved for the question from that book. In the question it was required that comments about the book be written in one page. She prayed and wrote a whole page on how the contents of the book could defile a young person, and about the repercussions of defilement; she very strongly condemned the book. When the results were out, she found, to her surprise and joy, that she had secured the maximum mark in that examination.

      Dear child of God, are you willing to pay the price to keep your life pure? You must be a Christian with a backbone. “The man who cannot stand for something may fall for anything.” Stand up for holiness!

            The greatest failure in life is moral failure.

 – Taken from Morning Manna – Thoughts for Daily Devotion

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